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Why josen saunas

Research and Development
Josen have a proud history of innovation and are constantly seeking to find the best technology for our customers. We have a professional team to do market research and create far infrared saunas that are both beautiful and effective.

The features of JOSEN sauna:
1.Our wood is completely imported. No knots, diffuses nature fragrant odor.

2. Exquisite appearance, fashionable style, beautiful beverage shelf, ergonomic backrest and ceiling vent.

3.Easy to install, it will only cost you about 20 minutes to finish installation.
4.Tempered glass.
5.Digital control panel, the saunas can be power off automatically at setting time. It is very easy and safe to control the saunas.

6.Stereo CD/radio player.

7.Energy saving reading light, overhang roof lights and LED color therapy lights.

8.The most professional main control box.
9.High quality infrared heater.

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